Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Ducks look...um just ok

After playing quite well against Mississippi State in our opener, I hoped we would roll Nevada 56-7 or something in our home opener. We did 31-23 to notch our 2nd win of the year, but I have some concerns. The offensive line struggled to give our quarterbacks time. Between watching the Duck and Raider game this weekend, it was one constant quarterback scramble. We have to shore up that line and give KC some time. At least the defense showed signs of brilliance in the first half, as every time Nevada had the ball they lost yards.

The catalyst play for Nevada to start moving the ball was actually a punt they did which we tried to let roll to a stop. Problem was it took a weird bounce and knicked the heel of a Duck lineman trying to make a block unaware of what was going on. Instant fumble and it was there longest gain of the day till that point. Funny what can get a team going, but it wasnt like they made a play or anything impressive.

We need to play better next week on the road to beat the Wildcats. The Michigan game could be ugly.
Customer Service #108

A certain beloved baseball team just started selling there playoff tickets this week. Every year its a new fiasco, either the tickets are overpriced, or something strange is going on.

I guess this years goofiness (and actually this has happenned in past years) is the fact that unless you drive all the way to the stadium and buy your tickets at the box office (so you ONLY pay the handling and convenience fee of like $8), now you can ONLY get your tickets 3rd day fedexed to you for $15 a pop. No will call option, no normal mail option, only $15 a pop shipping on top of $4-5 handling and something for convenience. Nevermind the fact we could not find any service at all the charged $15 for overnight service of an envelope. If I remember this correctly part of the scam is they send the tickets in a box as opposed to a padded envelope or something that makes more sense. See, the box costs more. You know the best part of the deal is they always quote you this full retail rate. Do you really think Fedex is charging tickets.com full cost, no group or volume discount. In this day of shipping being commoditized (ie Post Office, Fedex ,Airborne, UPS are all fighting for this business), your telling me sales reps are going into potential enormous clients and telling them, we would love your business, but you have to pay full rate. Its not happening, they are probably paying $6-7 for something you and I would pay $10 if I sent one package. The entire thing is disingenous, but they figure most people are to stupid to figure this out. Bottom line is they charge you $15 for something that really would only cost $10 to a normal person, then figure the volume discount which brings it down to about $7..$8 pure profit, although I have no idea where its going, and odds are as high it goes to some bizarre middle man as it does the team.
Catching up

First, I know its been awhile, but 2 internships, a full time career and grad school has taken its toll the past couple weeks. Not to mention in rocket trips to Eugene for the Ducks first home game and I have been a busy guy. Simone keeps telling me I really need to take a day off cause I look like death and need a break. She is probably very right in that assumption, but I must press on. I am either going to get that job in sports, or have a heart attack and die in the next 6 months trying. At least I will have gone down with a fight.

Back to my original subject, part of the problem is that the A's have not looked to good recently, and I dont want to be a negative jack and sit here every day and pick their lethargy apart. I have heard all the terms recently, "last man standing will win the division etc"...to me it appears it more the "the last flush". It has been one of the uglier stumbles home the last couple weeks in the AL west, but it least it reaffirms earlier thoughts that the Red Sox would be the wild card. Its almost a slam dunk at this point due to the fact they play a very week schedule the last 2 weeks.

Good to see my boy Dooch (not "the Gooch", that was the kid that kicked california governer candidates Gary Colemans tail around on different strokes) come up from Sacramento and pitch exactly the type of game we thought he could to beat the Angels for his first start as an Athletic. Just as expected, he went 7 shutout innings, effecient with his pitches and lead his team on the field. Dooch keeps the game going, he is effecient, works quickly, doesnt waste pitches and gets the job done. He is Sandy Alderson's dream pitcher, keeps those 2:15 mintue games rolling in. Appropriate he replaced Mark Mulder in the rotation who pitched at the same speed. And yes Macha has already said he will get the next turn against his old team, The Rangers, over the weekend.

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